About Me.

I’m Charlie.

I have 2 young children who are INCREDIBLE. I love them more than anything, but I wasn’t prepared for how having them would change my whole world.

I had pretty bad Post Natal depression, but to be honest, depression and anxiety is in my family, so this is just how I manifested it. I chose food and drink to treat the problem, but all it did was mask it, and make me gain weight. I was so unhappy, and felt like i was trapped in someone else’s body.

My youngest was 3 before I took action. It took that long to decide I was taking back the control over my mind. I started to run…

I’m on a mission to reclaim my body, mind and identity.

My running has saved me mentally, physically and emotionally. I have gone from running slowly around a field, to running ultra marathons.

What I found in running, was community and a new lease of life, and I hope you’ll join me on my adventures.