The First One

It’s never easy is it, starting something new.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have a great idea for something new and exciting, and then go to actually birth the idea into life, and BAM! crisis hits.

What is it about moving into new territory that has us so fearful?

Fear of failure, I suppose.

In a society where social approval is becoming part of our DNA, it’s hard to do anything without the critique of friends and strangers a like.

So i’ve decided this year, to start a blog. I’ve blogged before, as part of my day job as a children’s book illustrator, but career stuff has been hard lately, and following a large period of time wrestling (and still wrestling) with Post Natal Depression, I turned to running to give me hope and purpose.

It did. It does.

You may have joined this blog because you follow along on my instagram, which I LOVE; but I also want to be able to process further, speak for longer and ponder more deeply, about this free* sport that has captured my heart, body and mind.



*definitely not free!






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